2019 Beneficiary

2019 prepresented Army Art's 45th Art Show, bringing Western Australia's fabulous art community together in support of organisations focussed on having a positive impact on the lives of serving and ex-serving defence members and their families.  It has been an absolute pleasure to have partnered with;

Connected By logo
Base board set up
Open Floor of the studio
Completed board
Connected By logo

Connected By is a not for profit organisation that has achieved recognition with consistent referrals from rehabilitation providers for their outstanding work with the veteran, defence force and first responder communities.

“Connected By is most thrilled to be the 2019 Army Art Beneficiary. At Connected By we help people move forward in creative ways and we are very excited to be able assist more people thanks to Army Art. Creativity is a great tool in any wellbeing practice, it can provide an outlet for emotions, the time to self-reflect, and most importantly the space to heal. For me personally the most exciting thing is seeing people find and develop skills they never knew they had, it can open doors to so many possibilities. Connected By is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to learn and grow through challenging and rewarding creative pursuits in a safe community environment. We believe the future is bright and that together with Army Art we can shine the light a little bit brighter for our ex-service personnel. Thank you Army Art.”

Greg Wallace – Founder, Connected By