Dust off your materials - we're back,

screen printing squeegees and inks ready to start

Dates for the 46th Show have now been released and Expressions of Interest are now being sought.

We actively hunted new contributors throughout last year.  Wherever the arts could still open their doors, we were on the look out for new artists, new ideas and new inspiration. 

And we are always keen to hear from our art community, whether it be recommendations for artists or genres or process improvements.  We want to hear from you:

EOI form available now!

and there's room for everyone!

Stage in the Spot Lights

Not all of us are confident that we can be creative in a formal art sense but I know there are many of you who are extra-ordinarily creative problem solvers, creative motivators, creative operations drivers, creative marketers.  The number of skills and diverse talents that keep an event like Army Art Show, not just functioning but evolving to meet the current needs of our communities, means there is most certainly room for you in our team. 

You may not be sure what you would like to do or how your skills would be useful but I can assure you, we need you.

Please reach out here and one of us will be in contact to help draw your unique skills into an unique team,

Run Order for 2021 Show:

Expression of Interest:
Entries Close:
Art Delivery:
Opening Night:
Unsold Art Collection:
Sold Artwork Paid:
available NOW!
Friday, 30th July 2021
Saturday, 14th August 2021 9am - 1pm
Friday, 20th August 20201 - tickets available soon,          for Early Bird benefits
21st August - Open 10am - 3pm
22nd August - Open 10am - 3pm
22nd August - Available 4pm - 6pm
Monday, 6th September 2021