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Ambition & Capacity

We have had a very democratic approach in who we support which has meant we have been able to reach out to some unconventional organisations over the years and offer that helping hand at crucial points in their growth.  This has been extraordinarily rewarding and a great privilege, but it raised the question, what could be achieved if we offered longer term support and thereby gift a little more security in what has become even more uncertain times. 


So it is with great pleasure we announce that Army Art has chosen to partner with Legacy WA, and in particular support their work with living veterans and their families, with the proceeds from the 46th, 47th and 48th Army Art Shows.


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Legacy, as an organisation, would be one of the most recognisable, and respected providers of support to veteran families and holds a special place in the community’s consciousness for their outstanding history in this arena.  It places them perfectly to work with government departments, access the most current research and to be able to open their proven strategies to a new generation of service men and women, and their families.  I believe we all have a far better awareness of the cost of service to many but have felt unsure as to how, or even who, we could support to improve their access to practical help.


When we started discussions with Legacy WA it was very much on the basis that Army Art Show’s contribution be quite clearly targeted to this particular cohort;


‘We know there are up to 5,000 Veterans registered with DVA whose families

would qualify for support with Legacy WA’,


We knew we had found our partner and the need to commit over a longer term was crucial.  Our desire has always been to make a tangible difference and we believe we can, with your continued support, best deliver this on a truly effective scale with a ‘three show’ commitment.


We look forward to sharing some insights into the work of Legacy WA and help them reach out to our current generation as,


‘Legacy strives to ensure that the partners and children of veterans

who gave their lives or health in recognised military service can fully realise their potential.’

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