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Beth Law

From a young age Beth Law was encouraged by her parents towards self expression through drawing and painting.

On completing high school Beth started studying art at Perth TAFE. This experience fostered a lifetime love of attending art classes run by professional artists.

As for many people it was a good teacher who taught lessons that went well beyond the curriculum. For Beth, this person was Curtin University sculpture teacher Nola Farman who helped Beth to believe in herself and her creativity.

A lesson that Beth, herself a high school art teacher, was no doubt able to pay forward with her own students. Retiring from her 30 year teaching career in 2006, Beth has embraced the opportunity to pursue her own art work. Moving to the Rockingham area south of Perth, she is enjoying the time she now has to focus on her own painting and spinning.

Still life Beth Law

A strong technical influence on Beth's painting practice has been painter Brian McKay whose techniques Beth has skilfully employed in her own work.

At the present time Beth's artistic focus is on still life, exploring colour, composition, light and shade.

Since retiring from teaching and moving to Rockingham, Beth has been a member of the local Rockingham Regional Arts Group, and is the current Secretary.

Volunteering is an important part of life which Beth credits for her good health as well as the pleasure she gets from assisting others to discover and enjoy their creativity.

Beth has been an Army Art supporter for around 20 years. Introduced to the charity art event through her daughter Vivian, who is a serving member of the Australian Army.

Beth has assisted at many Army Art events over the years, from helping with catering to exhibiting her art. She says it's important the community understands the valuable contribution the volunteer run Army Art makes because it's fundraising benefits and supports other not for profit community organisations. Beth said the annual event is a wonderful opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell their work while helping to raise funds for good causes.

Beth recently created an illustration of two Australian soldiers on deployment for Army Art and the RSL WA.

We can give you a sneak peek of the illustration which will be used by the RSL WA in a children's colouring contest in the lead up to an ANZAC Day commemorative giveaway.

Two Soldiers Beth Law

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