Alex Maciver: Art with a Social Conscience

~ Michelle Saleeba

Deep thinking and reflective with a strong social conscience, and a roguish sense of humour, artist Alex Maciver's years of hard work and authentic engagement with subject matter are really paying off. Split tone backgrounds, and incorporating both representational and non-objective elements in oil, acrylic and spray paint give a distinctive signature to Alex's current work.

Alex has a number of high profile exhibitions coming up throughout 2019, including Over the Hill on until March 3rd at Buratti Galleries.

MS: Why art?

AM: As a teenager, I began going to Life Drawing classes at the evenings and the weekend instead of hanging around the streets. From there I took a further interest in what artists were doing, saying and most importantly why they were doing so. I became intrigued how Art could be a vehicle to provide a voice for those that are not privileged enough to be given one.

MS: Have there been any formative experiences, or lessons along the way that have impacted on your art making?