Art Practice and a Sense of Self

~ Michelle Saleeba

The most striking element of Ian Young's style is his sensual engagement with organic form. Traversing materials from clay and wax, to wood, bronze and photography, Ian is a versatile artist working skilfully across multiple mediums and techniques. Producing pieces that have strength and boldness in their gentle curves. Ian's affinity with natural forms, and his practiced ability to capture the essence of a subject, belies the complexity of knowledge and depth of skill he has with his tools and materials.

Veteran Australian Special Forces soldier Ian Young supports Army Art fundraising for current and former australian defence force families
Ian Young

Army Art: Describe how you came to start making art.

Ian Young: My father gave me a set of chisels when I was a teenager and I began whittling pieces of wood. I sculpted in timber then other materials such as clay and stone throughout my military career as a hobby which I found to be relaxing and rewarding.

Many artists describe an apprehension with sharing their work. Did you feel anything like this when you first started to exhibit/share your art?

To a certain degree yes. I think we all fear criticism in any form but my sculpture became more serious over the years as I received more positive