Carol Rowling: creations from chaos

~Michelle Saleeba

Picasso once said In order to create you must destroy and this is exactly what artist Carol Rowling does. Carving into layered canvas with power tools, destruction is the primary act of creating her striking interpretations of the Australian landscape.

Carol's work explores aerial landscape, the view you get looking out of a plane window at 35,000ft down through the layers of clouds to the shapes, patterns and colours below. A perspective Carol derives endless inspiration from on her frequent East - West flights.

Back in her shared North Perth studio Carol uses reference photos and starts to construct landscapes, creating texture by painting with power tools as much as pigment. Deriving incredible satisfaction from creating a pleasing balance of shapes, colours and textures in her artwork.

With a couple of exhibitions currently under way and a year of international art fairs ahead Carol is looking forward to sharing her work with a wider audience. And with many hours in the window seat in front of her we can't wait to see the next iteration of Carol's views from above.