Committee Spotlight: Joanne George

~Michelle Saleeba

I sat down for a Q&A with artist and Army Art committee member Joanne George to find out more about her art practice and what motivated her to volunteer for the committee this year.

Joanne George

What inspired you to become involved with Army Art?

I have been impressed with the quality of past Army Art exhibitions and participated in several as an artist. That participation inspired me to become more involved and to volunteer to help with this very worthwhile cause, which benefits both charities and artists.

Tell us what is important about the 2018 beneficiaries and the work they do

Support for Working Spirit follows in the tradition of Army Art backing military related causes. The aiding of veterans who, after serving our country, may have some difficulty re-establishing in civilian life – particularly with new careers – seems very worthwhile to me.

Tiny Sparks fills a very necessary and important niche in support and care related to high risk pregnancies and babies born sick or premature. Another very worthwhile and important cause.

What do you wish other people could know about Army Art and the work they do?

I think it’s important to make people aware that Army Art is not just an art exhibition; but in fact a serious non profit fund raising exercise for very vital and worthwhile causes.

With regard to your own art practice, can you tell us about your artistic journey and how you started making art?

I think I have always had a creative bent and enjoyed both craft work and painting. This led to me enrolling at the Claremont School of Art when I had the opportunity. We have travelled widely and that has influenced what I do. Now in retirement I have been able to dedicate more of my time to my art and become involved with the art scene in Western Australia.

Who or what are the strongest influences on your artwork?

The works of the impressionist masters have always inspired me. But I engage in art every chance I get, and I love all forms of creative work.

How do you define Creativity, and do you have any thoughts on the intersection between vulnerability and creativity?

I’m not sure how to answer that! I perceive possibilities for creating art in everything I see. Vulnerability is something that exists in everyone to a greater or lesser degree, but I can’t say that being more vulnerable necessarily makes you more or less creative.

Is there anywhere in your local area that you seek out for inspiration?

Water inspires me. The river, the ocean, marinas. The colours I use in most of my paintings come from the varying moods and lighting and colours you find around water scenes.

Tickets are available for Opening Night, Friday August 24th via StickyTickets

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