Creative Insights: with Juliet King

~ Michelle Saleeba

I'm super excited to be sharing this fascinating Creative Insights Q&A with you. Juliet King is an Adjunct Professor of Neurology in the Indiana University School of Medicine, and holds the position of Associate Professor or Art Therapy at George Washington University. Professor King’s research seeks to understand creative expression and its effects on the therapeutic process using imaging techniques.

I hope you enjoy this extensive, insightful meander through the interconnected worlds of brain science, art therapy and creativity with one of the leading researchers across these fields.

Juliet King talks to Army Art about her research in neuroscience, creativity and art therapy
Juliet King

Michelle Saleeba: It has been said that creative expression is fundamentally tied to our sense of vitality and wellbeing. Why do you think this is?

Juliet King: I think that there are many ways to answer this question!

My mind goes initially to the brain and the neuroscience of creative expression. Although very difficult to define, we can see that many areas of the brain are activated when a person is involved in creative acts. This is a reason why creativity has been so difficult to study; it is difficult to distil and test the many components of brain function.