David Green: being present

There is a profound stillness and soft moodiness to David Green's paintings which prompt a gentle reflective state in the viewer. Consistently exploring time, space and light in his work, David seems most focussed on allowing himself the pureness of immersion in the process of creating over any expectation of how a finished piece will be. David's work and life are guided by the beautiful reminder to immerse oneself in the present contained in the James Salter quote “there is always more, but this moment is the best". It is the gift of presence which David offers the viewer through his paintings.

Michelle Saleeba: Why art?

David Green: Painting is something I have always done, always been drawn to. It was never a conscious choice, just something that was part of me. Earliest memories are attending art classes, probably around 8 or 9 years old, I can still smell the oil paints and mediums, remember the first touch of the oil paint on my palette, remember the hall we were in… it’s the only thing in my whole life that has truly made any sense and I have never really stopped painting since then…

David Green