Making Plans

Saturday saw the art community of WA converge on The Drill Hall at Leeuwin Barracks to deliver their art. What an amazing day.

August 2019

Artists and friends unveiled their freshly minted pieces from miles of bubble wrap, bags and blankets while your trusty committee checked and receipted the multitude of treasures. It is one of the joys of being a part of the organising team - you get first view!! And believe me, it is all that you hope it to be and more.

Then comes the brain busting conundrum of trying to curate an exhibition in a space whose architect didn't expect it to have this purpose, whose electricians never imagined power to over 400 artworks, in a building that is now listed as heritage, on a budget that is tightly controlled for the community!


But we are nearly there. Your crack team of volunteers, many from the community, not just your committee, have been,

juggling - not the ceramics of course,

hauling - you wait until you see the scale and substance of some of the sculpture work

hanging - more paintings than your arms believe when they're above your head holding someones passion

balancing - special exhibits are amazing and

straightening - we are all a little OCD

Now we need you to join in and share the love.

This link takes you through to,

- the running order of the weekend,

- tickets for Opening Night and

- our utterly magic raffle

- go on, hit the link

and please, please, please forward this onto your friends and family, we'd love to see you there

Three sleeps to go.......

The team,

Army Art


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