Ric Burkitt: each painting becomes itself

This interview with Ric Burkitt is a real treat as we peak inside his world of abstract painting and the constant learning he engages with from making 'mistakes' and reflecting on the process. I love how Ric presents art making as a constant act of discovery and the joy that is evident from approaching art making with that mindset.

Scroll down and hit play on the Jacqueline du Pré playlist and listen along to the cello as you read, as Ric does when he paints.


Michelle Saleeba: Describe your creative journey

Ric Burkitt: Art just turned up one day and never left. As a kid I used to draw cowboys and Indians fighting in and around arroyos and gulches, arrows and bullets flying everywhere, men dying in their thousands, horses tumbling down hillsides. Like on the TV. It was the first time I really let my imagination out on paper; those drawings were battles in themselves, often taki