Sarah Thornton-Smith: Curiosity propels creativity

From her childhood in Singapore to high school and university in Perth, Sarah Thornton-Smith has felt propelled to make art. Driven be a curiosity to explore colour, shape and shadow. Working primarily with paper cut pieces that are folded and painted, Sarah creates visual meditations with pattern, rhythm and balance.

Michelle Saleeba: Describe how you came to start making art.

Sarah Thornton-Smith: My parents introduced a musical education in our early years; in my case the piano. I practised diligently but after struggling to pass my first grade of piano, my music teacher told my mother I should attempt at something different. Art was introduced and it has become a preoccupation since. Art quickly became my favourite subject for all my schooling years; the art room a refuge for my awkward growing years as a teenager. By the time I entered university, I was certain I would always have art in one way or another in my life. University laid the foundation for a serious look into creating and doing art as a profession whether as a designer or an artist, the lines always blurring between the two professions. Following a continuous thread in my life, creating art has given me a chance to catch a glimpse into the truth of life and beauty.

Leaf portrait by Sarah Thornton Smith donation for Army Art
Leaf portrait: Summer