Stephanie Reisch: abstract alchemy

Belgian born, Perth based artist Stephanie Reisch talks about her sublime painting practice which draws on prehistory and mystical insights to evoke deep, perhaps unconscious responses in the viewer. Stephanie's paintings, with their indistinct forms draw the viewer in to their mysterious layers of fluid painterly marks and brushwork. Captivating as images on a screen, the paintings have an utterly luminous quality when viewed, as they must be, in the flesh.

Stephanie Reisch painting in her studio Army Art interview
Artist Stephanie Reisch

Michelle Saleeba: Why art as a career?

Stephanie Reisch: Since I was a child I’ve always felt compelled to explore outlets for my creativity on a daily basis and I am fortunate to have family and friends who continue to be supportive of my idiosyncrasies. I don’t recall there ever being a starting point so to speak, but more of a decision to pursue a creative practice in a committed way. I think I made this call shortly after completing my undergrad degree in visual arts.