Committee Spotlight: The Army Art Life

~Michelle Saleeba

Chris McCalman has been involved with Army Art for 35 years. Drawing on her love of art and her skill at bringing people together Chris's continued participation, enthusiasm and hard work have ensured the annual charity exhibition has been a repeated success. This year Chris has taken on the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator.

I was really interested to know how Chris became involved with Army Art, and what has motivated her to stay connected all these years. You won't be surprised to read it's the opportunity to give back to the community, combined with a general sense of wellbeing she feels from being a volunteer herself. Consistent themes amongst our Army Art volunteers.

Chris McCalman with Mark Turtle from DHA 2015

Chris McCalman with DHA representative Mark Turtle 2015

Michelle Saleeba: What inspired you to become involved with Army Art?

Chris McCalman: I returned to Perth in 1982 from a posting to Scotland and after being involved in the wives group there, decided to join the SASR Ladies Auxiliary. From there it was a natural progression to join the Army Art Committee the following year – that was 35 years ago (scary thought!!) – and I’m still here. I’ve retired twice but it keeps drawing me back.